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Y'all know I'm awesome, but some aren't

Every year the IRS puts out some good guidance to taxpayers on choosing a tax preparer... I mean, it may or may not be the same article with a few words changed from year to year, but who's complaining about the government being a little thrifty- wish more branches would do the same! I digress... It's not a bad article & here's the link so you can read it yourself- IRS Tax Tips .

Honestly, the easiest way to choose a tax person is to just come see me! There, search over. Lol!

No really though, there are some things I can't do, mostly just because the tax code is thousands of pages long & NO one can do everything, and then there are some things I don't want to do (I'll just leave this one alone). So some people will be forced to choose another person to do their taxes.. it's OK, you're forgiven.

Those things being said, if I'm not your choice, here are some things to think about when choosing a tax preparer;

1) Do you get to work with the actual preparer? Or is someone doing all the work and the person you're paying just looks it over? * This isn't always bad, but something to think about.

2) Do you & the preparer get along? Do you feel like they actually care about you and/or what you're doing?

3) Does your phone call, email, or message get returned in a timely manner?

4) What do people say about them?

5) How long have they been doing taxes & what are they going to do the rest of the year?

6) Are they available year round?

7) What does your gut tell you?

**If they're saying you'll get more money back than anywhere else, make sure you read EVERYTHING on your tax return. Ask questions if you don't understand. If they charge you based on your refund, know that is illegal & you should RUN. Be aware, there are many different ways to "cheat" and be mindful.

Ultimately remember, you are the one responsible for what is on YOUR tax return. If the IRS comes back & audits or assesses penalties, it's YOU who is paying them, not the preparer. Laws have been added to punish shady preparers, but they aren't close to what is charged to the taxpayer. Choose wisely.

When you're ready to schedule with me you can click "Book Online" above and set up your own appointment, or give me a call at 325-703-2112.

2019 taxes are due Wed, April 15, 2020!

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