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Angelo Tax Service

2023 Off Season
Office Hours

Tues- Thurs 
10a- 3p


April 18, 2023

That's a wrap on tax season 2023...
I have started off season hours as of May 1.

-If you are a previous client of mine, and I haven't seen you yet, you got an extension already.
-Please book an appointment ASAP so we can get you finished up before summer starts & kids get out of school.
*If you need an appointment outside of off season hours, please email me-, and we'll get something worked out.

Thank you for an amazing season!!

-Don't stress about taxes or the IRS, I'm here to help & happy to do it.

The IRS is busy sending out love letters with a vengeance.  If you get one, and it has to do with a return I prepared, let me fix it.
..that's part of what you pay me for! 
If it's an issue with a return I did not prepare, I can still help with a LOT of things- shoot me an email-

Thank you for all the referrals this season.
And MOST of all,
Thank you for your business!


3115 Loop 306, Suite 106
San Angelo, TX 76904
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